Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting is lame

Sorry things are so boring around here. There’s not a lot to report during the two-week wait. I know we said we’d assume this cycle wasn’t going to work, but let’s be honest – there was no chance I was going to give up all hope until they call with the results of the test. Especially not when I’m trying so hard to remember to take my progesterone and vitamins “just in case.” So that’s pretty much all the fertility news.

My stress levels are way higher than I want. I kicked ass at a big work presentation last week (yay me!), but my mother-in-law is in town this weekend, so I’ve been struggling with that (very very quietly). I don’t know why: I love my mother-in-law like crazy. She’s wonderful, and I adore spending time with her. However, something changes when she comes to my house. I can’t stand her when she’s on my turf. And this has been true from the very beginning of my having my own place (with her son). I have no idea why, but it’s horrible, because I feel like the most terrible person in the world for being so irrational. And yet I can’t help it. So I feel trapped and claustrophobic and grumpy, and bad for feeling that way about such a wonderful person. It’s a lame way to start the week (she’s not leaving until tomorrow). But it’s all going to be fine, and I’ll feel better when I can get back to my routine.

Calming breaths. It’s all going to be ok.

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  1. Glad the presentation went well but sorry that the MIL's visit has sucked so much. I'm not a fan of having in-laws hanging around in my house. It makes me feel incredibly anxious.

    And, yeah, it's basically impossible to completely ignore the wait. No matter how much I tell myself I'm not going to pay attention to it, I can't help myself but feel a tiny bit of hope. GL with it all.