Monday, October 18, 2010

IUI ay ay ay

I haven't posted much during this cycle because it's been so lame. Appointments every two days, and no follicles growing. (Sidenote: most frustrating thing about them not growing is the ultrasound tech who keeps chirping "they're growing" even though they're the same size every time.)

On Friday, I saw my doctor outside his office for the first time, and he seemed completely mystified about why I'm not responding to the Clomid at all. He said I should come back today, but that if I don't respond we'll probably need to give up on this cycle.

Today the ultrasound tech didn't let me watch the screen, give me a printout, or say anything to me, and from what I could see on the computer, nothing had grown. So I assumed this cycle was a bust. But actually, they told me to trigger tonight and we're scheduled for IUI tomorrow. So I'm trying to be positive but not gets my hopes up.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way, even though I can't believe that there's any chance this is going to work. The mature-ish follicles are on the right side (where the endometrioma is), so I think this attempt is doomed, but pray for me anyway, because it's going to be impossible for me not to hope.


  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts for those follies. Hopefully they're really ready to go. GL!!!

  2. I am pretty sure that they found some mature follies if they want you to trigger now! sometime, things may go slower on those pills. I don't think the 'side' matters much in this game.
    My fingers are crossed for a great D-day for you!