Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny story about sex

When we started our first IUI cycle last week, I asked the nurse a bunch of questions to make sure I understood the procedure. And I was psyched I remembered to ask how many days in advance we needed to abstain. That was how I asked, too: "How many days beforehand do we have to abstain from sex?" To which the answer was... "If you haven't had sex in a couple of weeks, we ask that you have intercourse on the night of the trigger." And so I was forced to ask a whole series of follow-up questions about whether we were still cool to have sex up through the trigger day if we do it much more often than that (no clear answer, but I crafted my own and got it approved).

If I'm asking how long I have to abstain for, isn't that a signal that I have sex often? I guess the whole point is that they shouldn't assume, but it seemed hilarious to me that they assume I don't want to have sex. I know a lot of couples find IF so stressful that their sex life suffers (and seems like work), and I assume from the TV stereotypes that some married couples really don't have sex very often, but I just think it's strange that I seem to be such an outlier in my intense desire to do it with my hot husband as often as possible, babymaking or no. In any case, I'd rather be me than that nurse : )

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