Thursday, September 30, 2010

But now we have a plan

Through my tears on Friday, I managed to make an appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist. We got insanely lucky and got a meeting with him today, even though he's technically booked through next month. I also managed to get in touch with the insurance coordinator, who told me that we get unlimited IUI and TI cycles. If it's still true that we get 3 IVF cycles then we really really really can't complain about our coverage!

The meeting today went well, although there was something of a bombshell at the beginning. The doctor thinks that the cyst that has been on my right ovary for months now is an endometrioma, and is negatively affecting my fertility in addition to the PCOS. The options are to remove it (requiring surgery, possibly damaging the ovary, and potentially allowing it to come back there or elsewhere) or to do IVF (requiring IVF). Given that I don't have any symptoms from it, it's not growing so far, and removing it probably won't boost my fertility dramatically, we made a plan to start IVF this summer (or sooner if my work will allow it). That means we have 8 months in which to continue with TI, IUI, and potentially add FSH to stimulate more eggs. So we started a new cycle, the first cycle of IUI (!!) today on day 4, and I'm starting clomid tonight. November and December we have to take off, since we'll be traveling, but it feels good not to be missing this cycle.

So, overall, we're feeling good and purposeful. But I dread all of the medical crap ahead of me. We'll find out whether it makes me feel any better that now my husband is involved with the medical side of this (and more intimately, since he has to give a sperm sample each time). Wish us luck!

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  1. Your insurance coverage sounds wonderful!

    And, the plan sounds like a great one. It always feels better to be moving forward and have a plan. Good luck!