Monday, August 2, 2010


For reasons unknown, the Clomid didn't appear to work this cycle. Unlike last cycle, when I responded beautifully, with an estrogen level of ~800 at day 12 and three good-sized follicles, this time around I have lots of small follicles and estrogen at day 11 and day 13 in the 120-160 range. My doctor wants to wait 3 more days to see if anything changes (he thinks the chances are 50-50) and then maybe wants to do a higher dose of clomid. But he seems pretty thrown by not having a clue why it worked last time and not at all this time. I need to check and make sure that I didn't break some cardinal rule of clomid-dom, but otherwise I'm pretty thrown, too. So that sucks. Wish me luck on Thursday.

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