Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where we're at now

I was diagnosed by our fertility doctor with PCOS in April. Did one round of clomid with trigger that didn't work, and then took a month off because I was traveling at the wrong time. We had to skip that month, but honestly it was a relief since I needed some time to get over the sadness and fear. Just starting a new cycle (today is day 5), and trying not to be too negative about the stats (about a 30% chance of success at this point). I'd always thought we would adopt if this doesn't work, but now I'm considering IVF and feeling confused. We are insanely blessed in every other way, so I'm trying to keep some perspective through all of this. But I'm seeing myself way too much in Jennifer Garner's character in Juno, so I can't really claim to be succeeding in locating perspective.

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